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Welcome to eccentricons, the icontest community dedicated to any anime, manga and J-music icons with different themes each week.

This community is for those who love making icons, or more importantly, icons featuring J-rockers or anime/manga characters!
Rules: Submission
  1. Submission posts will be posted on Sunday night. The comments will be screened so that the icons will remain secret until the voting time.

  2. Only one icon per username. The icon must be new. Also, do not steal other people's icons.

  3. The icons must be related to the theme and Jrock/anime/manga. You won't have to explain how your icon relates to the theme.

  4. All icons must be uploaded and hosted on a site that allows direct linking, so that people can actually see your icon to vote.

  5. Icons may not be any bigger than 100x100 and no larger than 40k. And yes, I will be checking.

  6. Submissions should follow this template:
    by pepsi_boyfriend
    Character's name and where character is from: Yuki, Card Captor Sakura
    URL of icon: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/pepsi_boyfriend/ccs/icon--yukito01.png

  7. Do not advertise which icon is yours anywhere. Do not get all your friends to vote for you. This is cheating.

  8. No icons will be accepted after the deadline. (Friday noon, EST)
Rules: Voting
  1. Voting post will be posted on Friday afternoon and, in the form of polls. No voting for yourself!

  2. The winners will be posted on Sunday night and the next theme will be posted after.

  3. Banners will be posted on Friday, before the next voting poll.
To make the timeline more clear:
Sunday night: Submission posts is posted.
Friday (12PM EST): Submission post closed, voting post is posted.
Sunday night: Voting post closed, new submission post is posted.
Please go here to become one!
Thanks to These Communities for Plugs!
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