Hi, new mod!

So, I think I was given this comm because I was the only person to enter the last challenge. That's alright, I'm up for a challenge! :D

I made about a million changes. The layout, some of the rules, as well as the timeline. Actually, that's about it, XD

I'm going to start Challenge 1 over again next week, but first, I have a poll for suggestions:
Poll #933962 suggestions

If you were around for the first challenge, why didn't you participate?

Any other suggestions for comm?

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Contest Extension...

Another week? Ickies. Three weeks...

Two weeks was a lot of time, now it's three? Siiiigh.

Pleaaase submit icons to the submission post below the one before this. :(

Make my sad face into this: ":D"
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Now, People...

Don't make me do the sad face...You won't like it. You won't like me when I'm sniffly-puppy sad.

Oh, to heck with it.


NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! We had one (lovely!) submission so far, and it's even been a couple days after the end of the contest! I am disappointed.

But fear not, the contest is now officially extended. Until Friday, please submit your icons to the post below!
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week one: submit

Let's get this community started right, okay?

Theme: Zing


- The icon does not have to have the word 'zing' in it. I recommend looking in a dictionary, or even better...dictionary.com to find one of the many ways to use this word!

- Icon must be compatible with LJ standards. Meaning 100x100, and 40kb or less.

- Fanart not allowed. If using doujinshi, please give the artist and doujinshi title!

- Two icons per person, no more.

Please submit to this post, with the URL of icon, the character/person (and if anime, what series), and a brief explanation of how you used the icon theme. (ex: zing sound) The icon must be in by Thursday, November 28th at 5:00 PM. Voting begins then! Also keep to the community rules, please!

As the community gets more popular, we'll fall into a slightly shorter timeframe...but until then, enjoy and take advantage of the just about week-long submission time!
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